Meet our team

Oskaras Šulskis

Oskaras – the team leader. He specializes in UI/UX design, graphic design, video editing and manages everyone's work at the same time. His work is always meticulous and every detail of it is always well thought out.

Paulina Šalkauskaitė

Paulina – the idea holder and developer, team representative. Handles all communication. Edufy’s promo voice.

Kristupas Dailidė

Kristupas – video editor. Makes any work he does look polished and professional. 

Miglė Koklevičiūtė

Miglė - the accountant of the group. Nothing is ever published without her help.  She is patient, hard-working and creative. Her moto is: "There is nothing impossible".

Mindaugas Gudaitis

Mindaugas – the hardworking researcher. Analyses everything and anything the team ever needs.